Edgar Salamaté alias Edgar rebel is a reggae singer and producer originated from

Central African Republic.

In the early nineties Edgar rebel and Quincy roots(Ras indian) were performing in french sounds system such as Jah wisdom and Youthman unity.

"Dingue"was the first 12 "inch on APB label produced by timour(Jungle station).

Then, he has recorded "Ethiopiens" for Pablo master compilation(dee-jay d elites).

In 1992 Edgar rebel moved to England(London) where he met up with producers like

Malik martin(twin explosion) and Gussie P(sip a cup).

IN 1995 was created the"African ship sound system"with Ras indian,Babenco,

Clarendon and Blacka bongo.The same year the sound system was involved in the

"Dub cup"competition and in many events in streatham and brixton for years to come.

 Thereafter, he has voiced on the Earl 16 tracks"the survivors"alongside Daddy yod,

and an album with the "Rasta disciples"(sip a cup) yet to be released.

Edgar rebel went to Jamaica and  records"les innocents payent" for twin explosion.

Then he met Nereous joseph and Kenny edgehill and produced a 3 tracks :

"holy mountain".

In 2014 "Rasta Concept" is the upcoming album from Edgar Rebel!watch out for it!!

"Go a bed hungry" is the new single in combinaison with 

owen knibbs from edgar rebel which is the first title of his

upcoming album.


Edgar Salamaté alias Edgar rebel est un chanteur,producteur de reggae originaire

de la Republique Centrafricaine.

Au debut des années 90,il passe dans des sound system parisiens tels que Jah wisdom et Youthman unity.

"Dingue(avec tes histoires de flingues)est le premier maxi45 sous le labelAPB produit par Timour.Il apparaitra ensuite sur la compilation "dee-jay d'elites" de

Pablo master.

En 1992 Edgar rebel part pour l angleterre(Londres)ou il rencontre des producteurs

comme Malik martin(twin explosion)et Gussie p(sip a cup).

En 1995 se forme "African Ship Sound System"qui participera la meme année a la "Dub Cup" et a differents evènements pendant plusieurs années.

Ensuite,il enregistre sur le morceau de earl sixteen"the survivor"avec Daddy yod en

combinaison et un plus tard un album avec les "Rasta Disciples"(sip a cup)pas encore sorti;il part en jamaique et enregistre pourTwin explosion"les innocents payent".Une rencontre avec Nereous joseph et Kenny edgehill permettra a grebel

music de voir le jour avec la realisation du 3 titres"Holy mountain".

En 2014"Rasta Concept"est l album a venir d' Edgar Rebel."A decouvrir"!!

"Go a bed hungry"est le premier single d' Edgar Rebel en combinaison avec Ownen Knibbs qui annonce le futur album

à venir.